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Your home is an investment, and your oasis. That's why Riccar vacuums aren't just designed for your refined aesthetic - they're made in pursuit of perfection, a machine for world-class clean.

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Combatting Pet Shedding

Combatting Pet Shedding

Late summer into fall means dogs lose their summer coat -- and you start wearing it. Find out how to keep pet hair and odors under control.

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Retailer Spotlight

Retailer Spotlight

For independent retailer month, we’ve been talking to our retailers to learn about their history - how their stores got started and to learn more about the people themselves. This month, we shined our vacuum headlights on Sandy Berkshire, co-owner of Stuart’s House of Vacuums in Billings, Montana.

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The Making of Prima

The Making of Prima

Prima canisters were designed like a prima ballerina -- powerful, lean, graceful and in complete command of its cleaning performance. What problems did Prima solve? Find out in this article.

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