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Retriever Pet Vacuum

Model # R30PET

Don't forget The Bags!

If this is your first Riccar vacuum, you will be amazed how much your first cleaning will capture.

Brilliance R30 HEPA Media Bags (6 Pack)

Genuine HEPA media bags fit R30 Brilliance models with the blue self-sealing bag technology.


Brilliance Filter Set for R30P and R30PET Models

Help keep your Brilliance R30P and Retriever R30PET cleaning at their best with this replacement filter set.


Vac+Shine Rug/Floor Tool for Canisters

Slide this floor tool onto your canister wand for amazing bare floor and area rug cleaning.


Hardwood Floor Brush for Uprights

12-inch natural bristle floor brush pampers bare floors


Dry Carpet Cleaner (4 Pounds)

Riccar Dry Carpet Cleaner removes stains, dirt, allergens, and odors from carpets and rugs.


Mesh Storage Bag

Perfect for toting your vacuum tools, bags, belts or attachment hose.