We know an appliance is not the best holiday gift for everyone. But if your loved one has been wishing for a Riccar Tandem Air upright, finding a shiny Brilliance or Retriever under the tree may be the best gift this year.

Here are a few reasons why a Tandem Air upright is a gift that keeps giving.

  • For the Spendthrift – A Riccar Tandem Air upright is a solid investment. You spent a lot of money on your floors, and with care, a Tandem Air upright will deep clean and help preserve the life of your carpets, typically over a decade or longer. *

  • For the White Glove Cleaner – All Tandem Air vacuums feature two motors for superb cleaning on floors and using tools. All models have earned the Gold Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute, where they were rigorously tested for soil removal, dust containment and carpet surface appearance change.

  • For the Allergen Fighter – HEPA media filters and self-sealing HEPA media bags keep dust and dander contained. The Radiance vacuums are 100% sealed, making them the ideal cleaning machines for allergy sufferers.

  • For the Pet Lover – Charcoal filtration reduces odors from cleaning up after pets. All Radiance and Brilliance vacuums have either a charcoal or granulated charcoal filter that neutralizes odors inside the bag compartment where it’s most effective. The Retriever also comes with the Fur-Get-It pet tool and a one-pound canister of dry carpet cleaner.

  • For the Reducer/Reuser/Recycler – A Tandem Air machine isn’t something you use for a year and throw away. It’s a vacuum you’ll keep, maybe longer than you keep a car, and maybe longer than you’ll live in your current home. With metal in high-wear areas, and parts that can be replaced, these vacuums were built for homes, not for landfills.

*Tandem Air uprights are designed and tested to operate for a minimum 10-year lifespan, used an hour a week over 52 weeks per year. Metal brushrolls have replaceable brushstrips, and the belts come with a lifetime warranty.