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Meet Carol Fisher, Product Manager and Cat Lady

Carol Fisher walked through the doors of Riccar 16 years ago

and brought a passion for Riccar products with her. She’s a Zen master of coaxing a spreadsheet but a drill sergeant when it comes to clearing out obsolete and overstocked merchandise. She works with designers, engineers, buyers, suppliers, logistics, and marketing and sales associates on every aspect of each Riccar vacuum, bag, belt, filter and tool. Through the years, her mastery of vacuum wands and bags earned her the nicknames “Wanda” and “Bag Lady.” She’s a good sport and an outspoken proponent of great vacuums.

She’s also a self-proclaimed Cat Lady. On our casual Fridays in the summer and on holidays, she wears cat-themed shirts. Even her car wears a bumper sticker that says “Cattitude.” Her love of cats and all things clean intersect at Riccar.

Prima Pet Performance

“I have three cats, and my bare floors can get pretty hairy in just a few days,” Carol says. “It’s easy to keep up with the kitty hair bunnies daily with my broom vacuum because it’s cordless, lightweight and so handy for quick clean-ups. When I need deep-down detailed cleaning on my bare floors, I turn to my Prima straight suction canister. I love the canister because it maneuvers and rolls on my floors so nicely and cleans great!”

The Cat's Meow

Carol is passionate about Riccar vacuums. She’ll tell you every feature of every tool and talk about them like they’re the cat’s meow. “I love the microfiber floor tool,” she says, “because it polishes the floors as it’s removing debris and hair.”

“When people come to my home,” she says, “they don’t even realize I have cats because my floors and upholstery are hairless. The pet tool is the best invention ever for removing pet hair from upholstery. Every home with pets needs one.”

Many brands work with influencers to talk about their products on social media, but Riccar has Carol Fisher, and the cat has not got her tongue. “I always make sure my friends and family know how awesome our vacuums are and try to educate them on the differences between “ours” and “theirs,” she says. “I want to save each and every one of them from owning anything else.”