With the SupraLite R17 ultra-lightweight vacuum, we've assigned a seven-year warranty and 17 free tune ups. That means you can bring your R17 back to the retailer from whom you purchased it up to 17 times to make sure the vacuum is performing as perfectly as it did on the day you bought it. We recommend bringing in your vacuum annually, but with this tuneup plan, you're the boss. Unlike our Red Carpet Service Plan, the R17 Tune Up Plan does not specify a timeframe for service visits.

Supra cool, huh? Along with a comprehensive cleaning, at each tune up, your Riccar retailer will inspect the agitator brush strips, belt and the vacuum's suction and airflow. For these items, normal warranty procedures apply. They will be replaced at no cost to you if any item is found to be defective. Charges may apply to replace items not covered by the warranty or for failures that result from abuse to the vacuum. And like the Red Carpet Service Plan, the R17 Tune Up Plan applies only to household use. Vacuums used commercially are excluded.

Not all Riccar retailers participate in the R17 Tune Up Plan, so if the tune ups are important to you, give your nearest retailer a call at 888-674-2227 to find out if they support this service.

Find out more from your local Riccar retailer, or check out the R17 features and specifications.