We Know Your Vacuum

You know every inch of your home. You know what it’s like to vacuum your stairs or to clean cobwebs out of the corners of your 10-foot ceiling. You know the crevices where dirt accumulates, the areas where it’s hard to clean. You know where people kick off their shoes, where crumbs fall, where everyone sleeps. Your home is unique. Your needs are too.

The Easy Way

The easiest way to buy a vacuum for your home is to pick one up while you’re out shopping for paper towels and shampoo. Or you could find a deal online and have someone drop it off at your door. Either way, some assembly is required, and you’re on your own to figure out how to use it and maintain it. When it breaks, you throw it away, and the process starts over.

The Best Way

The best way, is to visit a vacuum retail store. It may be a little less convenient to go to another store but you’ll find experts who will ask all the right questions. They will want to know about your floor surfaces, floor types, allergies, pets, kids, your ability to lift and push, vacuuming frequency, carpet type and much more.

The Extra Mile

You’ll also be able to turn on the vacuum and push it. Watch a demonstration, and test Riccar vacuums against others. You can ask about typical service issues and ask the sales people what vacuums they use at home. Join their mailing list for discounts and new product emails. You may even get reminders about when it’s time to service your vacuum under the Red Carpet Service plan.

And What Will This Cost Me?

Nothing! Demonstrations and test drives are always free. Plus, over the lifetime of your new Riccar vacuum, you will find that you are actually saving money by not having to replace your vacuum for many years.

You may have to literally go the extra mile, but it’s worth the trip. Find your local vacuum retailer, and stop by for a demo today. Your home deserves it.

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