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Read what our customers are saying about Riccar Vacuums.

This is my second vacuum of this model…I love it!

Barbara, proud owner of 2 SupraQuiks in Dillon, CO

I just purchased this model ... it is a great vacuum! Much easier to use, is very powerful! Very pleased! .... I had an older model of Riccar and am happy to say that this one runs smoother, is lighter, and lights my path!

Thomas R, Proud owner of an R25

Finally, a vacuum for pet owners with stairs! The fine folks at Evans knew the perfect vacuum for my needs--the Riccar Prima Power Team Canister with the full-size power nozzle. My old upright did an excellent job of cleaning most of our carpet; in spite of our loveable border collie and all of her fur, the hall and bedroom carpets still look fresh and new. The problem was, the vacuum wasn't effective on stairs. It was sickening to see our carpet looking matted and worn down after only a year since it represented quite an investment. But after just one vacuuming with the Prima power nozzle, the stairs already look 100% better. It lifted the matted carpet and I could hear the clink of mysterious metallic detritus, so I know it was getting deep-down, ground in dirt. The Prima is an amazingly flexible canister, but the power nozzle is far more than a beater bar, it's like having the power of an upright attached to a hose! The head changes in a jiffy to the bare floor tool that goes most anywhere dirt hides. This is an awesome vacuum cleaner and it saved my carpet!

Sandra B., Texas

It is a great vacuum that has given us almost 8 years of fantastic service. Thank you very much!

John M., San Diego, CA

Is the Premium Radiance the best upright vacuum available? I thought so or I would not have bought one!

Diana, Harlingen, TX

I love my Retriever Pet Vacuum! With 3 dogs, it is a must have!

Sherry, St. Louis, MO

I really like the fact that the Tandem Air technology is available in a canister. I have the Prima Power Team Canister and it works like a champ!

Tony - Green Bay, WI

I purchased one of your vacuum's approximately 6 months ago, and wanted to let you know how it is working. Not sure if you guys advertise or not as I haven't seen a commercial, but your vacuum is actually "loosening nails" underneath my carpet. I live in a building about 11 years old (condo) and live on the top floor. After just 6 months of use, the nails under the carpet and carpet pad are beginning to come up thru the carpet (not thru, but you can feel all the bumps when walking thru my condo). Needing to replace the carpet at some point, I thought I would let you know as this would seem to be amazing marketing material. Love the vacuum and all that entails, just amazed that the vibration and "beater bar" are able to loosen the nails over time! Thanks!

Nick N., Seattle, WA

I just want to let you know that my husband & I bought a Riccar vacuum in Dec. We took our older vacuum in to be repaired (Hoover). It could be repaired, but we would continue having the problem which had to be taken to the repair shop. We noticed the display of Riccar vacuums and asked about them.... We purchased the Radiance, and I can't tell you how happy we are with this "helper." I plan to put your web site and our experience in an email to all our friends. It is the BEST!

Jerre K., Azle, TX

Just wanted you to know that I am VERY happy with the purchase of my Riccar exceeds my expectations!!!

Steve L., Anaheim Hills, CA