Most parents know what to expect with a return to home school and virtual learning for the kids. Been there; done that. This fall, some students are returning to campus in person either part-time or full time with a whole new set of rules for health and safety. Whether going back to school in person or virtually, there's nothing easy about "back to school" this month.

Whether you're sending your student back to a college campus or trying to keep them healthy and busy at home, there's one thing that can make "back to school" easier, predictable and satisfying -- cleaning with a Riccar vacuum. With well thought out features, top-notch design and engineering, and long-wearing materials, Riccar vacuums make it easy to clean deeply, no matter if you're vacuuming your own daily home or sending your student back to school with a vacuum. It's features like HEPA media filtration and granulated charcoal filters that can help you manage the chaos and improve your indoor air quality while you or your student are cleaning.

Vacuums for Dorms and Apartments

For students returning to school, whether they’re in an apartment or dorm room, the Roam Cordless Broom Vacuum is ideal for bare floors and rugs in small spaces. With an integrated wand and hose, your student can easily clean corners and under beds and desks. A HEPA media filter keeps dust and allergens trapped. It’s compact and lightweight and recharges simply by setting it in its recharging base. For college kids headed to school, Roam is an easy formula for cleaning success.

The SupraQuik Portable Canister is another favorite for cleaning bare floors and small spaces. This canister comes with a set of full-size tools, a wand, hose and unique set of micro tools. After all the sweatpants, shoes and ramen noodles are moved from car to closet, the SupraQuik cleans the car, then the linoleum dorm floor, the laptop keyboard and shaver clippings on the sink. Your student will love its versatility.

Vacuums for (Home) School

With kids at home all day, every day, a vacuum to help clean up the messes in between virtual learning sessions is a must. For large carpeted areas in your home, a sensible vacuum is the R25 series with HEPA media bag. Its 360-degree turning makes it easy to clean around living room obstacles like table legs and your student camped out on the floor or couch. The R25 series is available in three models from the basic Standard model with tools to the Premium model with lifetime belt, full-bag sensor, pet tool, allergen sensor and 15-foot cleaning reach. The R25 series was designed to clean ultra-plush carpet, but it also excels at cleaning bare floors. With rubber wheels and a floating brushroll to make floor transitions gentle but effective, cleaning after a long school day will be smooth sailing.

With multiple kids eating, working on school projects, chasing the family pet and generally making a mess throughout the house, consider the Tandem Air Premium Pet upright. It’s the best cleaning Riccar vacuum with highest level of filtration, odor control, durability and cleaning performance. While many things may feel out of control this fall, cleaning with a Tandem Air vacuum puts all the power in your hand. Compare Tandem Air features here.

School can be tough, but cleaning doesn’t have to be. Learn more about the vacuums by clicking the models below.