At Riccar, our families care for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds and rabbits. We know the value of their companionship, and we’re all too familiar with the cleaning hassles their hair, feathers and dander bring.


Creature Features

If pet shedding is your nemesis, arm yourself with a vacuum cleaner with these features:

  1. Pet hair remover or hand turbo brush. A tool that picks up hair is best. One that has a wide felt surface, squeegee, cleans itself and doesn’t clog is ideal. If your animal has extremely long hair, a tool with a revolving brushroll will require you to cut the hair off the brushroll periodically.

  2. HEPA media bag that blocks 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger. In relatable terms, 0.3 microns is approximately 1/83,000 of an inch. These bags and filters trap particles of dander and a lot of what your pets might bring in from outside – dust, dirt and pollen.

  3. HEPA media filter. Using a HEPA media filter means the end of a particle’s journey. Air exhausted through the vacuum has to go through the HEPA media filter, and the filter traps the last of the particles, keeping them out of your indoor air.

  4. Granulated charcoal filter adsorbs particles. That means molecules cling to the surface of the charcoal. The more charcoal surface, the better it adsorbs. Granulated charcoal is the thickest filter material, providing the largest surface area, so it’s able to remove many gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odors from your home. A vacuum with a granulated charcoal filter in the dust compartment removes the odors from the bag, eliminating the bad smell when your vacuum has been in a closet for a while.


Riccar's Best Vacuums for Pet Cleaning

  • The R40P.4 Tandem Air Upright is our top-of-the-line upright. For managing pet hair and other hard-to-clean messes, it includes a free hand turbo brush and a microfiber floor tool. The R40P.4 uses self-sealing HEPA media bags, a HEPA media filter and a granulated charcoal filter inside the dust compartment. This combination is the highest level of particle and odor filtration Riccar offers. The patented Tandem Air technology and metal brushroll agitates and removes deep down dirt in carpet fibers. Nothing cleans like a Tandem Air vacuum.

  • The R30PET.4 Tandem Air Pet Upright features the Fur Get It self-cleaning pet tool that attaches to the vacuum wand or hose handle. It uses self-sealing HEPA media bags, and a HEPA media filter. Inside the bag compartment, the charcoal filter neutralizes odors. Tandem Air technology and a metal brushroll work together to remove embedded dirt and dander. This model also includes a one-pound sample of Dry Carpet Cleaner, a dry powder process that binds to particles, allowing them to be vacuumed up. It’s safe for homes with pets.

  • The R50TAP Prima Tandem Air Canister is our best canister vacuum that features almost every tool we make, including the Fur Get It pet tool. It features the self-sealing HEPA media bags, a HEPA media post filter and granulated charcoal filter. The R50FSN is also great but doesn’t include the pet tool. You can compare canister features here.


We're Vacuum Doctors, Not Pet Doctors . . .

Riccar vacuums and vacuum tools are NOT to be used on animals. Even if you have the rare animal that doesn’t mind the sound of a machine in close proximity, you can still hurt your pet with a vacuum cleaner. Your pet can’t cover its ears, and it’s likely much closer to the floor where the vacuum noise is loudest. Sending Spot into another room while you vacuum is a good idea.

We’re vacuum doctors, not pet doctors, and certainly there could be medical issues with your pet if it’s shedding too much. For more information on shedding, check with the pet professional, your veterinarian.

For additional reading, find out why charcoal filters are important in removing harmful gases in your home.