Accountability, great service and positive attitude are just a few things we love about Donnie Humphrey. As Riccar’s Product Support and Quality Assurance (QA) manager, he knows our products inside and out. He’s honest, humble and inspires trust among the entire Riccar team. He works tirelessly to support Riccar retailers in our St. James, Mo., manufacturing facility located along historic Route 66. See why he’s such an asset to our brand.

Q: How long have you worked for Riccar?

2019 is my 15th year with Riccar. I started in 2004, working on the assembly lines in St. James, Mo. The first vacuum I built for Riccar was the 8955 upright vacuum. After a few years of working the lines, I moved into QA as an inspector. In this role I performed audits on finished products. After that I moved in to Tech Service. I started out refurbishing all returned product. Once I was adept at diagnosing all of our models, I began helping on the technical service hotline for our dealers. Eventually I took over dealer training including creating all of our technical manuals, bulletins, and repair videos.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part of the job is the people I work with. Even when things are challenging we manage to have fun. I also love that our company is so involved with the community.  When I bring up Tacony Manufacturing in conversation with anyone from the surrounding community, they are sure to know us from something, whether it was sponsoring a local event, donating a vacuum to a charity raffle, visiting the vacuum museum, or because they work for a local company that we’ve done business with.

Q: What’s your volume of business?

The tech service hotline gets 20-40 calls daily from our dealers as well as questions from our sales and customer service teams. With dozens of current models and supporting parts for many more, it can be challenging to keep up with everything, but we take pride in being experts regarding old and new products.  Keeping quality levels high on our assembly lines is another important goal that everyone at St. James works toward. We build products based on what our customers want, which means short runs and frequent changeovers. We have numerous quality systems in place to keep everything running smoothly.

Q: What’s your favorite vacuum and why?

I can’t pick just one because each one has its own application:

How many do I have at home? Let’s just say enough… and then some.

Q: Give us a fun fact about yourself.

I have two daughters, and I can say having teenagers use a vacuum to clean their rooms was a great durability test. I would wince every time I heard all the spare change and various foreign objects clinking through the vacuum. They never did manage to break one, despite their best efforts.

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